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Lost?? The 30 Dollar Cab Ride

How many Peachtree Streets there are in Atlanta? I’ve lost count. I’ve been roped into training for the Atlanta marathon, which has expanded the time I spend touring my dear old ALT as I spend hours and hours in my running shoes. I consider my “training” moral support for my running obsessed friend Amy, who I swear spends more money on running gadgets than I do on my mortgage. When we “gear up” for a run, for me that means Running Shoes, Shorts, and an I pod. Now Amy on the other hand, is a running, sprinting, Inspector Gadget. If they sell it, she owns it. From “fuel belts’ (a terribly uncomfortable harness that holds canteens of water for long runs), to a head lamp and reflectors for running in the dark, to some strange squeegee towel that is supposed to have some magical powers to get cold when it is watered down. And the mac-daddy of them all, is her Garmin Forerunner watch, which is the Lamborghini of running devices. This thing does just about everything besides running for you. It tracks your distance, speed, and location using satellite trackers. It is so high-tech it even has an invaluable “Go Home” feature, which if you listen to the hype can map you back home using the fancy satellite technology in the case, like me, you get lost.

Hum… Lost. Yes Lost. My runs these days range from 12 to 18 miles which can get you in some pretty interesting predicaments. Amy and I headed out for our early Saturday morning run last week down the tranquil Morningside neighborhood. I’ve been there before house gazing. It’s beautiful. When we popped out near Emory Hospital, we were only about a third of the way through our run. 8 or 9 more miles to go… so we started meandering down side roads to avoid the heavy traffic. It became clear when we found ourselves near Ponce de Leon Avenue in DeKalb County, far far away from my Midtown home, that we were not going in the right direction. Exhausted and out of water, we stop into a convenience store to ask directions. “Where are we?” we asked the clerk. “At Rite Aid,” he curtly replies. Hum… Thanks Buddy. I know this girl running next to me looks like she may have lost her mind, but I think I figured that one out. No help from the clerk, we turn to Gadget Girl’s Garmin Forerunner to rescue us! Amy presses “Go home.” Click, Click, Click. Waiting, and Eureka! The Garmin plots our way home… Oh.. ugh… Her watch says we have 10 miles and 2 hours before we are going to get back to Midtown. But it only took us 9 miles (ON FOOT!) to get here!!! I throw my arms up in exhaustion. So my motivation (I.E, Amy), kicks me in the butt and says we will follow this little, itsy bitsy hand on this watch that will guide us back to Nirvana.

So we keep running, in whatever direction the hand on the watch points. Right, Left… I am so tired. I am lost. I have two miles, one mile to go. And then we are done. And, I have no idea where I am. We are at a convenience store somewhere in Decatur. “At Citgo,” I am sure the clerk would have told me. In a state of sheer exhaustion Amy calls us a cab and even though the clerk didn’t even seem to know where we were. Somehow the driver finds us, as we are soaking in sweat walking down Briarcliff. In a state of exhaustion, I try to reorient myself as the cab starts meandering us home. I look out the window and we are turning onto I-85 from North Druid Hills road. How did we run this far? A 30 dollars cab ride finally got my exhausted, aching body home… Thank Goodness for the Garmin Forerunner, hu?

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  1. Would you please pass the word along to Barnes and Deal. Stop the mudslinging. You two are suppose to be adults and educated business men. However, you need to try and win the election the old fashion way. Beating each other on television shows the public just how much you don’t care about the issues.

    Comment by Robert | October 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. All fluoride tooth paste has the following warning label (paraphrased):”If swallowed get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center
    IMMEDIATELY.” All municipal water supplies contain toxic levels of fluoride (poison). My question is this: Can anything be done to alert the public about fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated municipal water supplies?

    Comment by Art Martin | May 23, 2011 | Reply

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